Advantages of Using Text Message (SMS) Marketing to Reach Your Customer


Great marketing Gurus are increasingly turning to SMS marketing to reach their customers. While many other forms of marketing require complicated infrastructure, SMS marketing is simple in form and content. It is the same as sending a text message to a friend, regardless of the type of mobile phone they are using. There are many reasons why businesses should consider text message marketing. Go to the reference of this site for more information about Realty Flux.

A Direct and Immediate Channel

Unlike other forms of marketing, SMS is an immediate form of communication which boasts a high read rate. Indeed, within 10-15 minutes of delivery, over 95% of all send SIMS are read. As a matter of fact, most SIMS are instantly read. It is expedient for businesses to star or improve use of Text Message Marketing and see their sales soar.

Support and Integrates with Other Channels

SMS work well with other channels within the marketing mix. Teat messages are great on their own. They can, however, enhance and support other channels like emails, Facebook, Watsap among others in the marketing mediums.

Text messages can also effectively be used for the task of ensuring that customers read emails on time. They are good to be used as reminders of upcoming events, supplementing information on other channels like the email. To Learn More about the text message marketing, follow the link.

Opportunity to Know Your Customers

Surveys have ranked SMS as a channel which gets great responses. Customers have been known to respond to surveys through SIMS with a response rate of over 31%. These responses are written in about 5 minutes and therefore survey results can be very fast. Text Message Marketing should be embraced. Actually Text Messages should be considered as the way to go!

Increasing Customer Engagement

SMS enhances your brand engagement with your customers. However SMS content needs to be varied so that it does not become monotonous to the reader. Do not ignore Text Message Marketing.

Usefulness of Response Data

Just like the email, SIMS can data can be used for tracking ROI, identifying customers response through SIMS and also monitoring delivery rates. Seek more info about marketing tips

From such analysis, businesses can be informed on how to target and tailor their marketing campaigns. The analysis will also show numbers that not likely to respond and this helps to understand the database well. Underestimating the potential in Text Message Marketing is detrimental. With the current surge in marketer looking for new ways to reach their target audience, you can only ignore Text Message Marketing at your own peril.